We had an amazing, fabulous wedding a few days ago. It a was big hit! Our guests kept talking about how beautiful our wedding was, and this is all because of Eileen who helped and assisted us. She is very detailed, organized, very professional. She will make sure all the vendors, wedding party and volunteers are all aware of the their duties and responsibility. She will contact everyone and confirm to make sure they received all the information they needed for the wedding. Having Eileen coordinate our wedding, I didn't have to worry because she took care of it all! We loved working with Eileen! We definitely recommend her great service to our friends and family!
-Elaine Arenzana-Cheung, Bride

I've been lucky enough to work with Eileen numerous times for different evens and styled shoots. She's creative, fun, organized, and on point. She's super resourceful and any time I have an idea, I can take it to her and she can execute it and knows exactly who to use to make it come to life. Wedding planners are so essential to weddings and events and I don't know why anyone wouldn't have one, especially Eileen, at the head of their event. She's is definitely a great investment!!
-Crisanta Mecate-Lopez, Infiniti Foto

Some me say not to mix friendship and business. So NOT the case for me.
You see, Ive known Eileen since about 7th grade. After High school we lost touch and recently reconnected about a year or so ago. She approached me to work on a 50's styled shoot with her. Once I saw her In action, I knew she was my girl! Eileens passion and skill is a true gift. She makes you feel like you want to be part of what she's working on. Eileen's official role in our wedding was "Day of Coordinator" but she was SO MUCH MORE . Because of her I was introduced to the CakeFlix team and together we collaborated on my engagement session . She was always full of suggestions and ideas and so reliable. Even comforting at times. She really went above and beyond. She was so receptive to my needs and budget and respected my vision and view points. Her organizational skills partnered with her talent and creativity are such a perfect mix. If you have a chance to work with Eileen or hire her for your wedding day I highly suggest it! If you are not her friend from the start like me, I can assure you that by the end of your special day you will also be "enamored", feel like you've gained a friend, known her forever and be beyond satisfied!
-Nikki Covarrubias-Armendariz, Bride & Thrifted Sister Vintage Rentals (Owner)

Eileen did an exceptional job from start to finish. She was very attentive and each detail was perfectly executed! I could rest assured knowing that she was handling everything from a to z. My husband Lorenzo and I hired Eileen to do the "day of" planning and she really put us at ease handling every detail seamlessly. She was there, along with her assistant, the day of the wedding to ensure that all details were perfect! We couldn't have done it without her! We are so glad we had the opportunity to work with her on our special day! The best spent money in all the wedding... 
-Danielle Detoma, Bride

I consider myself totally in control and possibly just a tad OCD. I thought my wedding was going to be a cinch to pull off until I started losing a patch of hair from all the stress! It was then when I realized I was internalizing all my crazy and I needed help. Eileen was my life jacket. She answered all my weird questions, gave me new ideas, plotted everything in timelines (love), and was the invisible shield for me at the wedding. If anything went wrong - I still have absolutely no idea. She was like my ace in my back pocket. I was able to truly enjoy my wedding because I trusted her to take care of everything behind the scenes. And my wedding was frikken fab. If you are looking for a fabulous wedding coordinator, she is your girl.
-Michelle Cheung, Bride

There are many things that come to my mind when I think about Eileen and her contribution to our wedding and the planning process, but the first (and to me the most important thing) was that she was responsive. Having worked with so many vendors, you get a real sense of who you can count on and who will need a little pushing to get things done. With so many things that need to be done, it's nice to know someone is at your pace, who has your back, and who is thinking ahead of you. Even when she was busy and couldn't answer our questions, she'd reply back and let us know she'll get back to us. Even when we didn't reach out to her, she'd let us know she was busy, just to set the expectations. I liked that. She is very professional.

Our first meet with Eileen was pleasant and quick. She asked all the right questions and we got through all the important things pretty quickly - like what needs to be setup, how many ppl will be coming, a list of all vendors, wedding party and helped us create a draft of the timeline. She gave us many important tips a few months leading up to the wedding and helped us create the grand timeline, to the minute! (and she was so patient with me when i asked to add and take out things). I felt really uneasy with a few of my other vendors and had doubts on how they will deliver, but with Eileen, I just knew she'd do great. I felt at ease.

Day of wedding - she and her assistant were  punctual and knew who to contact to do what. She helped our florist set up the centerpieces and when things didn't go as planned (our name cards wouldn't stand on the holder because of the wind), she contacted my husband to make sure it was ok to put the name cards underneath the stand instead. She couldve just decided to do that without telling us.

I think Eileen could have been a bit more assertive at some points, but I can't really blame her because our hotel wedding coordinator had set incorrect expectations from the beginning (about what she will do and what Eileen is supposed to do) and I really didn't know (and Eileen didn't really know) what she or her was going to do. Things that Eileen was supposed to lead (like the rehearsal), the wedding coordinator took over. Sorry! All in all - I think they worked really well together and was able to find a balance the day of the wedding.

Eileen remained calm throughout the wedding day even though it was really busy. She was great at giving us reminders when certain events will start (like when I had to change out of my dress) and she gave great advice like taking out heat lamps because guests were starting to get cold. She also gave great alternatives to the schedule when timing seemed too tight. We went with all her ideas and you know what - my wedding was perfect. How many brides can actually say that?? There is not one thing I would do differently. Thank you, Eileen!
-Rosannah Wong, Bride

What can I say about Eileen... better to ask what can't I say!  Eileen saved my sanity! To fully appreciate how amazing she is I must provide a little background.  My, then, fiance and I got engaged the week after Thanksgiving of last year.  At the time we were living in NYC and were under extreme pressure to plan our wedding as quickly as possible.  The reason being, that within a month and a half of our engagement he was to relocate across the globe and I was to join him by the end of April/early May.  We decided, that it would be best for all involved for us to have our wedding prior to my move, and in CA since both our families lived there. With that, began our crazy wedding/move adventure.

We knew from the get-go that we would need help!  Normally, I am very much a do-it-myself kind of person but with a wedding to be had in 4 months, my fiancĂ© half the world away, a mini move back to CA, and a bigger move across the globe immediately after our wedding, I was so not going to be able to do it all (and trust me that's very hard for me to admit).  Thank heaven for Eileen!

We began our process with Eileen across country via Skype (while we were still living in NYC).  During our first "meeting" with her, we were immediately impressed with her professionalism and attention to detail.  She asked us a multitude of questions and brought to light things we hadn't even thought about.  During the next few weeks Eileen was relentless in researching venues and decor ideas. She made a huge effort to learn our style preferences, which I am sure was not easy trying to do from across the country.  In addition to decor and venues, she helped me tremendously in searching for a wedding dress!

Now remember our wedding was in 4 months! Most dresses are being refitted 4 months before the wedding!  This, coupled with the fact that I am not, what I consider to be, a "girly girl" (I would have worn pants if I could have gotten away with it!), and that I was on a budget, made dress shopping a nightmare!  Not only was I having a very hard time finding a dress that I felt comfortable in and felt like "me,"  but one that was also within my budget,    and could be ready in time! UGH!  Talk about frustrating, but again Eileen was wonderful! She worked with me till she narrowed down my style and I can't even begin to estimate the amount of dresses she sent me that fit all the other parameters.

Once on the same coast, things became easier.  However, even though I consider myself a more laid back bride, planning a wedding in such a short timeframe took its toll and at times I became so sick of "wedding stuff" I just couldn't think about it anymore.  Eileen, was amazing. She seemed to just know when I needed a break, but also when to reel me back in.  She stayed on top of timelines, and to-do lists.  She kept tract of details both big and small and even ones I didn't think about (like last minute sunblock).  She always made herself available whenever I needed her, whether to ask questions, bounce ideas back and forth, or to just vent and b*tch.  She was more then just my wedding coordinator, she became my confidante and moral support! I could go on and on, but this is long enough already.  If you are looking for a wedding coordinator to be there for you every step of the way and who takes the time to understand you and what you want then work with Eileen! You won't regret it!
-Danie Gitthens-Ramdev, Bride

Eileen and Enamor Events is as professional, creative and unique as it gets. As a fellow wedding and event professional I have come across a few wedding planners in my day and I've watched Eileen put Brides, families and guests at ease when things sometimes go off plan. Her loyalty and protectiveness of the Bride and Groom's vision is what really impresses me about her. She catches their vision, communicates it and pretty much demands excellence from those around her (in a very fun and  gentle way). Eileen knows what she's doing, she enjoys it and most importantly, she's incredibly talented.
-Brooke Wetzel, The Plum Dahlia

Enamor Events did a great job with our wedding! They took care of all the details beforehand for us, made sure we were organized for the wedding, and then helped us with all the many details the day of the wedding. I highly recommend them!!! Great job Enamor Events!
-Chuck Chessher, Groom

Eileen is an awesome coordinator! She made our wedding come together and I didn't have to worry about anything. She made sure we were able to enjoy our own wedding. She worked well with all our other suppliers and made sure everyone was on the same page. We enjoyed working with her and her team. She created a realistic timeline that allowed us to enjoy all the events, our guests and each other. We were able to incorporate everything we wanted and each event flowed smoothly to the next. She did a great job and she made our wedding extra special! Thanks E! we love you! :)
-Diane Chin, Bride

I highly recommend using Enamor Events for your wedding!! She was such a huge help from beginning to end! She listened to my vision and executed it perfectly! :) She knows her stuff and can offer tons of options/suggestions for anything you're unsure about. She has a lot of creative ideas also, that can help your wedding day look/feel even more special!! :) She's very professional, on time, and communicates very well!! :) I would recommend any bride to use Enamor Events! :) My wedding day was flawless (I didn't run into ANY problems, at least that I was aware of!) She took care of everything and made my day so memorable!! :) Thank you Eileen! :) I'm referring you to all my bride friends! :)
-Alice Thomas, Bride

Went to a wedding last weekend in Sonoma, CA that Enamor Events coordinated. The wedding was tasteful! And that's not only because it was set in Sonoma! Eileen and her team did such an incredibly smooth job in tailor-finishing the details to this wedding from the ceremony till the very last song on the dance floor. Ive been hearing lots of good things from the people involved in the wedding (the bridal party) with how efficient the team was, how they have a solution for every small thing and how manageable the communication was in so many different aspects. What I appreciated the most, being a guest in this wedding is how quick the flow of events were. There weren't a lot of dead waiting moments for all the people there and everyone was prompted well on what to do next or where to go. That, for me is one major thing a coordinator is responsible for...Enamor Events rocked it! Will definitely hire her for my own wedding. First order of business as my wedding coordinator Eileen......find me a hubby! Haha!
-Denise Perez, Guest of Wedding