Tell All About it Tuesday: Vivek + Danielle Featured on Wedding Channel!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

...and on the 8th day of the New Year, I woke up from my afternoon nap to find out that one of our real weddings was just published on Wedding Channel (The Knot) in their Wedding of the Day section. Yippee!!!

It really is crazy how social media provides an awesome platform to help people cross paths. Prior to helping Dani and Viv plan their wedding, I didn't know them personally. A huge high five goes out to my husband for blasting my info on Facebook LOL (gotta love proud husbands and their shameless plugs). He was actually congratulating another friend for getting engaged and suggested my services, when Viv, a mutual friend from elementary school, who was just about ready to propose, noticed I was a Southern California wedding planner, contacted me while they were living in New York and the rest is history!

Here's some background, via the bride:

At the time of our engagement we were living in Manhattan. We had four months to plan our wedding, in California, while simultaneously preparing for a move across the globe! Although this sounds like a recipe for disaster, with the help of family, friends, and an amazing wedding coordinator, it was anything but. 

We knew working within this timeframe would be stressful, and we would have to be flexible. First, we set our objective: we wanted to have fun. Seriously, that was it! With our out-of-country move occurring two days after our wedding, our big event would also serve as our make-shift going away party. 

We planned our wedding together, made all of our decorations, and decided on every detail together, with one exception: I kept one secret. As the ceremony began, I walked down the aisle in a Sari, not the wedding dress we had just taken pictures in! This was my surprise to him, and my way of honoring him and his culture. It was important for us to not only honor each other’s families and heritage, but who we are together. Viv and I are not a very serious couple. We like to laugh and enjoy life. So we knew when it came time for the “first dance” that a traditional slow dance and song just wouldn’t be us. Instead we danced a choreographed routine to Michael Jackson, complete with fedoras and moonwalks! It was so much fun! We even had the DJ start up a slow song as we entered the dance floor which he switched to the real song once we got to our spots. Our guests’ reactions were priceless! As soon as the music switched everyone started clapping and cheering. I believe it’s the little things that make every couple unique and special. Incorporating some of those elements into our day made it that much more meaningful, memorable, and fun.

To take a closer look at their gallery, click here.


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