Tips + Tools Thursday: RINGing in New Beginnings

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I've loved hearing about all the holiday proposals that happened so far and wanted to reach out to some that may still be in the works...

While I was out running errands earlier, I walked by a couple of higher end collateral lenders (aka pawn shops) and was drawn to their eye catching displays of freshly polished wedding band sets when it occurred to me, do people consider getting their engagement rings from these sort of establishments? It may not be one's initial or even ideal place to make a huge wedding related investment, but we often buy many things used- houses, cars, clothes and don't think twice about it. We love items that are unique, custom, have history... so what difference does it make when it comes to an engagement ring? It may have not worked out for one reason or another with the original owner or maybe they got into a financial bind and really needed the money, but these precious sentiments deserve a new beginning as well! Long after the proposal and the wedding day itself, is reality; making it all work and creating new memories. I wanted to bring this to the attention of those who have had it in your heart to propose, yet may find a lack in finances stopping you from doing so. It's about to be a new year and no better time than the present to 'altar' your thinking! If you aren't superstitious and open to a non-traditional way of obtaining a gorgeous wedding ring while getting the most bang for your buck, consider all the rare gems found at your local pawn shop. No one will ever guess where you got it! 

Cheers to another incredibly blessed year and i'll see you lovebirds in 2013 :)

Image via: MDC Diamonds

Fabulous Friday: Favors & Wedding Bars

Friday, December 21, 2012

Twas the TGIF before Christmas and today's post is all about wedding bars! I'm not talking about the latest and greatest in alcohol selection, rather the quirky, unexpected and often mouthwatering delights or creative favors that guests get to take home. I know the candy and dessert bars are always a huge hit but I especially love going to a wedding where the couple throws you for a curve ball (the good kind)!

There are wedding bars that serve as customized mini buffet stations as well as interactive take away treats that have significance to the bride and groom. Two keys to an amazing bar are: presentation and offering a variety of fixins. Here are a few of my faves!

Mashed potatoes served in a Martini Glass (aka "Mashtini"), the ultimate appetizer! 
via Intimate Weddings

 A Colorful Candy Apple Bar to celebrate the kid in all of us!
via Amy Atlas

A Gourmet Popcorn Bar for late night munchies!
via Morin's Fine Catering

What a lovely favor, a sachet keepsake to fill your car or home with the blissful scent of romance!

~Other mention-worthy/notable wedding bar ideas~

Pasta Bar
This would require a live chef to heat up all the fixin's

Mimosa or Yogurt Bar
Perfect for a brunch wedding or shower

Lastly, i'll leave you with this awesome lil' read by Emmeline Bride that has great tips regarding Wedding Favors. Since favors are a bonus, you may as well consider some practical advice so your money and effort is well spent and enjoyed!

Tell All About It Tuesday: A Woodlands Holiday Styled Shoot

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I had been planning this shoot for months. I kept checking the weather report hoping that would miraculously report that the rain had subsided but when we got to Running Springs, it clearly did not. As a result of the rain, we were stuck in traffic, started setting up almost 2 hours behind schedule and were racing against time since the sun would soon disappear. All the outside vignettes I dreamed up would have to be quickly staged indoors and our models would have to pose in the brisk air and rain. But you know what? Everyone made it happen! We braved the rain and in my humble opinion, it worked out beautifully! The outdoor shots in our real Bride's mom's yard turned out stunning, dreamy and romantic. Her cozy cabin gave the detailed shots warmth and intimacy. I uploaded some highlights on our Facebook page and here are some other images that I'd like to share :)

All you need is...

Join us at Twilight... so fitting for how this shoot turned out! Thanks Cathy, you nailed it ;)

Get your hot cocoa on!

 The caption reads: 
Your presence is the best present ever! Please take a moment to sign an ornament with your wishes and wisdom so we may continue to celebrate our holidays with you for all the years to come!

 Gorgeous cake!!! The sequins applique was from a headband from Charlotte Russe of all places!

A Table for Two

And then it rained... notice the water smearing the ink! 

What it really looked like behind the scenes! 

What a beautiful bride :) 

A classic moment

 Dress details.. the leaves matched the leaves on the invites, too!

Burgundy & cafe au lait dahlias, blue thistle, roses and dusty miller

Here I am fixing her hem :)


 The groom looking ever so dapper!!! Don't you just LOVE this slate velvet bow tie from Boutaugh?

I had to throw this one in for laughs.. we were so wrapped up in the moment, we forgot to remove his blue coat clip! This WILL be edited out LOL

What to Wear Wednesday: Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection at Target

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You probably wouldn't put the words Target and Wedding in the same sentence but with all the great designers and higher end brands popping up at your fave local convenient store, makes it all the more exciting to pay closer attention to what glorious stocking stuffers await! Who doesn't love Target? I remember when Gwen Stefani launched Harajuku kids and Missoni debuted; both were a huge hit! Target continually delivers practical needs and style on a budget couldn't be more accessible! 

Soon as I walked through the doors this morning, I noticed a huge Neiman Marcus sign that displayed sparkly Marc Jacobs ipad covers (what bridesmaid wouldn't want one?), handsome Rag & Bone shot glasses, nifty flasks for your groomsmen and these super cute Marchesa and Jason Wu holiday dresses that would look so adorable on your flower girls! 

To preview more of the Neiman Marcus collection at Target, click here. Happy Holiday Shopping! :)