Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Looking for the perfect bridesmaid gift? Instead of gifting the typical earrings or necklace, nothing says "you're my girl" like a relaxing spa day complete with matching mani-pedi's for some bridesmaid bonding time! The pastel neons of mint and melon were lovely tones to compliment summer tans and while french manicures are so predictably "bridal", the new Fall nail polish hues are where it's at- jewel tones, metallics, earthy shimmers and tons of variations of grey!

All images via: Fashionista

Wedding Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Living in the era of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, digital inspiration is only within a palm's reach when you have a smart phone. Wedding photographers and videographers have tons of images and footage to go through and edit before they are able to reveal the best images to their clients. Although this waiting time for a bride can seem like forever, there are a few new tools to allow instant access to relive wedding memories from the guest's perspective without having to use those tacky disposable cameras.

Although these tools don't take the place of professional photos and video, it's an awesome option to engage your guests with and help them all feel connected to your big day!

  • Photo Sharing App which includes 250 cards/inserts to invite guests ($99-149).
  • Log-in with Facebook or Email.
  • Insert wedding album name provided by the Bride & Groom.
  • Take photos.
  • See everyone's photos instantly; all guests' photos are in one place.
  • Project all photos LIVE at the wedding!

  • Interactive Wedding Album App ($99).
  • Set-up custom WedPics Album.
  • Invite guests to share their (Instagram filter style) photos via Facebook or Email. 
  • Customized cards are also available.
  • All uploaded photos will be displayed on your app or website.
  • Guests can comment, view slideshow and order prints.

  • DIY wedding videos made easy and affordable ($499).
  • Receive 5 HD cameras in the mail 3 days before wedding weekend.
  • Send the cameras back and footage is uploaded. Editing available for additional charge.
  • Share with family and friends!

Masquerade Themed Wedding

Friday, September 14, 2012

It's supposed to be 102 degrees this weekend and still I can't help but look forward to the fact that Fall is coming really soon! As much as I love outdoor weddings and believe me, i've certainly had my fill of gorgeous warm weather weddings, i'm sooo looking forward to the drama and elegant styles of the cooler seasons!

Colder weather means ladies in full length gowns and men in jackets for a formal look, rather than during Spring and Summer when you can get away with the casualness of just a vest, suspenders and a button up. I've been on a David Tutera "My Fair Wedding" marathon these past few days and although i'm not fully caught up, i'm sure this post was inspired by all the non-traditional brides who love bold and creatively detailed weddings.

There are so many ways to implement a masquerade themed wedding and it doesn't just have to be on Halloween, New Years Eve or Mardi Gras! Start by setting the tone with an ornate save-the-date or embellished mask silhouette on your invitation. You can deck your entire reception area out with lavish table cloths, tons of opulent lighting, request your guests to wear either all black or jewel tones complete with their own personal fancy masks. If you're not fully committed to transforming your reception completely, you can dedicate a photo backdrop or booth area with additional masks to provide your guests with and a face painting or mask creating station as a treat for the kiddies. Imagine all the stunning possibilities when you set this theme in motion and each guest brings their character to your soiree!

Masquerade Inspiration Shoot via Midori Bridal

Photo via: Bloved Weddings

Mask by: Tom Banwell

Inspiration from: Your Wedding Now

Masquerade worthy wedding dress via FanPop

Colorful assortment of masks as seen on WeddingBee

Mask Inspired Eyeshadow with colorful rhinestones via Pinterest

Amy & Torry's Halloween Masquerade Wedding featured on GWS

A Black Tie  Masquerade Glam Affair via Longwood Events