Serve Me Up a Tall Glass of Marital Bliss!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I think it's safe to say we all enjoy seeing an event where little details are thoughtfully carried out and weddings are no exception. From the dress to the flowers to the catering, it's not about how much money was spent, but the choices the bride and groom made to personalize their day with creative touches to make the celebration that much more memorable!

My Pinterest boards having been flowing with yummy concoctions that are too thirst quenching not to share. Something for her, something for him, even a little something for the munchkins, pregnant mamas and all of course presented in style! 

Love this sign! Personal recommendations from the Bride & Groom :)

That's what i'm talking about- great name for a drink!

Boat bar- perfect for a nautical, lakeside reception or 'outdoorsy' type couple!

Pre-made drinks served in a tub of Mason Jars- no bartender needed!

Let's not waste cups- your own glass for the night!

Sweet Pineapple Strawberry Spa Water // Peachberry Mojito // Blueberry Lemonade // Frenchie Ombre Wedding Cocktail

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Enjoy Events, Ruffled Blog, Pinterest

California Missions Weddings

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Driving through certain coastal towns in California, it's apparent that Spanish influence still remains. One aspect of this are the twenty one gorgeous missions that are left behind. They are rich in history and full of amazing architecture and charm. Attending a wedding at a mission feels like you are transported into another world, where romance can only get better with age.

Please contact each Mission individually to get specific information on their requirements. Some of the more popular Missions to allow weddings within their confines are the following: Carmel, Santa Ines, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Barbara, San Luis Rey, San Luis Obispo and San Fernando.

Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside, CA was originally built as a two story adobe guest house in 1876. This photo is of the Amistad Dome, reminiscent of European castles.

There are 21 Missions along the California 101 highway.

Michael & Lauren's wedding at Mission San Juan Capistrano
Photo: Erin J Saldana

Fair Inspired Wedding

Thursday, August 16, 2012

What could be more summer, family, food, fun and all American than the state fair!? A fair or carnival inspired wedding may sound too whimsical for your tastes, but for two kids at heart planning their big day, it could be a dream come true! I know if I got an invitation for a fair themed wedding, i'd probably be the first to turn in my RSVP, especially because i'd get to experience all the excitement without the crazy crowds! Here are a few ideas incase you still aren't sold on it. Enjoy!

Your own personalized ceremony archway to set the tone for the day!

A ferris wheel at your wedding!

Reception in a tent with bunting decor and bales of hay for seats!

Love the gingham sash, balloons, flowers in a tin can and fresh popcorn! 

 Kissing booth photo backdrop and soda pop with cute straws!

Funnel cake favors or a DIY funnel cake station!

A super sweet vintage inspired cotton candy machine!!

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The Blushing Bride

Friday, August 10, 2012

Venue: check. Photographer: check. Florist: check. Dress: check. Hair/Make-up artist: do I really need one?

I was speaking with one of my brides who is farther along in her planning, has all her vendors booked yet has this worry that her make-up will be a disaster on her wedding day. I told her not to worry, that's what make-up and hair trials are for! I thought i'd put together a few pointers to consider so you can look your best on your wedding day.

Why have professional hair and make-up done? 
Each image taken that day will be a memory you'll want to smile back on. Aside from the photos of gorgeous decorations and guests who joined your celebration, all eyes will be on you! A professional artist will know what photographs well, what products will hold through tears and wind, how to blend well, put on false lashes with ease, know how to volumize your hair without being overly stiff yet still look soft and  romantic, cover up dark circles from not being able to sleep the nights before (but not make you look like a raccoon) and do this all in record time so you are looking like the hottest blushing bride that you really are, from ALL angles, get the picture?

Splurge on Your Big Day
You deserve it! You took the time to pick out a stunning dress and every other detail is carefully hand selected. Splurging some extra bucks on hair and make-up will ensure you to be picture-perfect and aisle-ready! I'm sure your groom will appreciate the extra mile you went! Read the reviews, get referrals, collect photos of other brides to have examples of what you like/don't like and trust the pros!

Wedding Dress, Colors, Theme, Season
These are all factors that can help determine the right look for your wedding day. Here are a few scenarios:                                       

  • You want to wear your hair down but the neckline on your dress is high or you have no idea how to wear this gorgeous veil you fell in love with. Your hair stylist can find an awesome up-do that compliments you, the dress and the veil!
  • If you're holding a burgundy bouquet and you think you look best in this season's coral lipstick, the MUA can help you find a more suitable and timeless alternative that flatters you.
  • You may be going for an Old Hollywood theme but you usually wear more natural/daytime make-up, the MUA can help you put together something more dramatic and find the perfect shade of red lipstick that transforms your face into a silver screen starlet!
  • Are you getting married in the Summer? If you're planning on tanning after you meet with your make-up artist, they need to know, so they can prepare slightly darker shades to match your skin tone. The original smokey eye with nude lips might make you look too washed out.

Set a Trial
At least a month or two before your wedding date so there won't be any surprises and plenty of time to try other 'looks' if you aren't satisfied with the previous trial.

You're in the hands of a tried and true professional. All you need to do is show up, sit in that chair and get pampered!

ps- If by chance you can't afford to get your hair & make-up professionally done, don't fret, there are tons of youtube and pinterest tutorials floating around. Please plan ahead and give yourself enough time to play with ideas that work best for you. England's royalty Kate Middleton did her own make-up and looked nothing short of fabulous!

Image via: 
BHLDN "Spendid Smolder."

Wedding Florals of Late Summer & Early Fall

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy 1st of August! We're halfway through the week and closer to the weekend... Yes!!! You know it's going to be amazing week when a great friend stops by to share some knowledge with you :) Today, i'm very grateful that Brooke Wetzel, owner of Los Angeles based The Plum Dahlia took some time out of her busy schedule to share some thoughts on her favorite flowers of the season. I'm hoping Brooke will consider making some regular "visits" to add some bloom into our fabulous, wedding-inspired lives!

The following is via Brooke:

We're about to enter into the season that Southern Californians are spoiled with, Late Summer. We usually enjoy warm days and balmy nights well into October and that presents joys and challenges when choosing blooms for your late Summer/Early Fall wedding. With many outdoor weddings and receptions still happening, heat and direct sun during outdoor weddings and receptions are still a concern for planners and florists and finding the prettiest and hardiest flowers for your event can be challenging. 

That said, these are my top 3 blooms for this mini-season that I think lend the best beauty, value and seasonality for your late Summer-early Fall wedding.

Roses, Stock, Mums, Aster
Bouquet by: The Plum Dahlia

1. Roses
Easily obtainable in a myriad of colors, Roses make a great base to start planing your wedding flowers around. Available in nearly every imaginable wedding color in varying hues, Roses can easily act as your "pop of color" in a sea of ivory or another neutral. Roses do very well in the mild heat of late Summer and when arranged well, won't show signs of wilting. 

Think Roses are too stuffy or boring? Today's varieties aren't the same Roses of even just 20 years ago. Growers are reacting to trends in the wedding industry, breeding and growing Roses with double petals (to mimic Peonies), massive varieties of new hues (both modern and classic) and blooms in varying sizes (very large to small "Sweetheart" blooms). 

Roses, when priced per stem, are in the midrange of the most popular wedding flowers. They still exude feelings of luxury and can easily make the leanest floral budget feel rich when used well.

Stock Flowers
by: Bunches UK

2. Stock Flower
This is the work horse of any florist's wedding arsenal and for good reason. Stock is hardy, inexpensive and comes in classic wedding colors. White stock makes a great alternative to Hydrangea when weather or budget don't permit and most people are surprised to find out that they're not Hydrangeas! Available in a palette that is quickly growing from year to year, Stock is by far my favorite filler flower that sometimes outshines the other blooms around it. 

So what makes it a great late Summer bloom? It's thick, hardy stock can hold water well and makes for a great cut bloom for bouquets. Wilting is minimal, even in direct sun, making it a low-loss flower, meaning when I buy 30 stems, I'll use all 30 minimizing overhead which equals savings for Brides. It's also available year-round in varying qualities with Summer-Fall being the peak season for this fluffy, sweet bloom.

Orange, Purple, Burgundy Dahlias
Bouquet by: Sada's Flowers

3. Dahlias
Dahlias have to be the biggest up-and-coming flower I've seen in the 3 years I've been a professional florist. The colors, texture and richness of this humble bloom make it one of my personal favorites (The Plum Dahlia!). It goes well from elegant hotel weddings to backyard family gatherings without putting you over budget. Its peak season is August through November, making its first appearance around April-May. The colors get darker and richer as the season progresses, so if you're planing deep purples, oranges or reds, September is a gorgeous month for Dahlias. 

Dahlia generally do well in heat, but I wouldn't recommend them in direct sunlight. Their petals are delicate and can show wilting after a few hours. If you're choosing your own flowers, look for thick, hardy stems with large blooms if you must have them in limited direct dun. The wide stems will allow them to direct water to the bloom more easily than a skinny stem. 

Dahlias can seem pricey per stem, but the overall cost is low during their peak season and the market is flooded with inventory in varying shades, sizes and types. When used well, Dahlias can be that unusual flower that brings a sophisticated edge to a simple wedding. 

Hopefully this little list was helpful and maybe gets your Google finger itching to see how they can be used at your event. Late Summer is a beautiful season to be married. The sunsets are longer, the glaring heat of July has passed and the floral harvest is rich!