Engagement Extravaganza!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You know that brief period of time where you all of a sudden get to upgrade from calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend to fiance(e)!? Don't spoil the fun by diving head first into the deep waters of wedding planning, do yourselves a favor and commemorate this occasion with a well deserved engagement party!

An engagement party is another opportunity to get all gussied up, personalize your pre-wedding soiree and enjoy a more casual celebration with more of the people you love, especially if you can't possibly invite everyone you'd like to on your actual wedding day. 

Let's say you're weighing a few options in terms of wedding vibe/theme/style... if you're indecisive about incorporating a theme into your actual wedding day, you don't have to feel like you're settling; come to an agreement by theming out your engagement party and celebrate your wedding day whichever other way you want to!

I once went to a seventies/disco themed engagement party and it was sooo much FUN! They opted for a more traditional wedding but were glad to be able to experience their nuptial celebrations in a different but still very 'them' way.

Theme you say? Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Honeymoon- Fiesta (Mexico), Luau (Hawaii)
Era Inspired
Significant Symbol
Favorite Hobby Together
Place you met

Have you been to a themed engagement party or are you planning one? Drop us a line, we'd love to hear all about it!

Image via: VintageBabydoll

Golden Globes 2012 Style

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I don't keep up with too many award shows but I did happen to catch the Golden Globes this year. In the fashion department, it was a sea of flesh colored tone dresses mixed in with pops of bold color.  I rounded up a few of my favorite celebrity gowns that who knows, depending on the bride, could very possibly be inspiration for their wedding dress. And while I won't get too much into the red carpet gowns I wasn't particularly fond of, knowing that these actresses could have worn pretty much any designer, they carefully chose their gown because they felt fabulous in it, regardless if the general public liked it or not. This goes the same for one's wedding dress. You try on array of dresses and the one that makes you feel pretty, is the one that everyone gets to see!

Incase you were wondering about the celeb dresses I wasn't a fan of, let's just say if their name didn't make my blog post and keeping in mind that mama said if you don't have anything nice to say... well, I won't say anything at all! I couldn't post all the gorgeous gowns, but a few others I thought looked sensational are: Claire Danes, Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis and Kate Winslet. Here is a re-cap of everyone incase you missed it.

Interested in red carpet inspired evening gowns at a fraction of the price? Check out: Faviana and Jovani who are known for re-creating celebrity inspired frocks.

Stunning stand-outs: Sophia Vergara, Charlize Theron & Emma Stone

The lovely Katherine McPhee & Shailene Woodley

Jessica Alba in a gorgeous Gucci muted lilac gown

Paula Patton in a radiant Monique Lhullier gown

Jessica Biel is a natural knockout. Loved her make up but wasn't sold on the dress. The front slit complimented her killer legs as she walked, but I had mixed feelings about this one. I felt like I should have liked it especially since it was the gown that most resembled a wedding dress, but the dusty cloud color put me off. Looking forward to what her wedding dress will look like since she and JT recently got engaged! 

What do y'all think of her dress- Thumbs up or down?

Photos via BellaSugar


An Intimate Glimpse, a Timeless Gift

Friday, January 13, 2012

Looking for the ultimate gift to present your husband or groom-to-be? Get dolled up for a boudoir photo shoot! Valentine's Day is also around the corner and handing your man a few personalized photos of his truly would be a pleasant surprise for him to cherish throughout the years. 

Boudoir, the french word for a lady's private bedroom, is a genre of photography that depicts an elegant vs. erotic portrait. Taking a special interest in this delicate art form, my dear and talented friend Jessica of Jessica Fajardo Photography has teamed up with the incredible Alpha of Sweet Fuss Hair & Makeup Artistry and this dynamic duo is currently offering a Valentine's Day Special Boudoir Package. Spots are filling up fast, so make your appointment today!

Jessica has been in the  photography business since 2007, but the love for boudoir started 2009 when she took a workshop up in San Francisco that would talk about the ins and outs of a boudoir photo shoot. Not only did she fall in love with making someone feel comfortable in their own skin, it's where she also met the most fabulous Alpha of Sweet Fuss Hair & Makeup Artistry. They both found it a blast being able to help make a woman feel and look absolutely gorgeous. Discovering that they work great as a team, they have collaborated on many other photo shoots: weddings, engagements and families are other specialties that they have. But, aside from their work that they love so much, they enjoy spending their free time with their families, hanging out and having quality time with the people that they love most.

Palm Springs, I Heart You!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Luxury awaits you in the desert? Oh yes it does! 

Thought id take a moment to hone in a bit of sunshine for those of you wishing for more balmy weather. I've been a southern Cali girl for most of my life and it wasn't till I became a wedding planner that I came to appreciate the eclectic oasis of this town. Just take a look at these photos! I was originally going to do a review on one venue but I couldn't help myself. Here are four of PS's top hotels and although each one clearly has it's own distinct style, one word comes to mind that ties them all together: F R E S H (and truly the finest of summer lovin' all year 'round). 

Stay tuned for an upcoming featured, real Palm Springs wedding!

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel & Swim Club, close to downtown Palm Springs, reinvents the desert resort, with an indoor-outdoor spa, two saltwater pools, an event space for weddings and meetings, and a restaurant and bar serving natural and organic food and cocktails. Not simply boutique affairs, Aces are far from staid, offering up whimsy along with clean lines and mixed-bag, contemporary cool, according to Scene Advisor.com. The cool, comfortable, laid-back, casual design hotel offers affordable rooms and luxury suites with vintage and modern design and interiors, and is family-friendly as well as dog and pet friendly.

Love the movie inspired marquee
(Featherlove Photography)

Yes, that's a trailer!

Gorgeous open poolside layout
(Hitched Event - XOXO Wedding Photo)

The commune has fire pits and hammocks, oh yes!
(Sarah Yates)

Le Parker Meridien Palm Springs (formerly Givenchy Resort) is located 3 miles from Palm Springs Airport. This hotel promises travelers an ultimate vacation experience. The hotel offers 104 uniquely decorated rooms, suites and villas set in 14 acres of exquisite gardens. The guest rooms, located in choice sites on the property, offer the ultimate in privacy and comfort.

What an entryway!
(Justine Ungaro)

Share a kiss on these hanging wicker chairs

Enjoy the sunshine

Step inside and dance the night away!
(KLK Photography)

The Riviera Palm Springs offers 406 luxurious guestrooms and suites, showcasing contemporary Hollywood Regency style d├ęcor. The award-winning SpaTerre offers exotic spa rituals, a full service salon and fitness center. At Circa 59, The Starlite Lounge, sidebar, The Bikini Bar or Deep End you can dine, lounge or just kick back in an oasis of cool sparkling pools, private cabanas, intimate fire pits and beautiful al fresco gardens. All are perfect places to enjoy your favorite cocktails and delicious cuisine. The Riviera Palm Springs is a captivating concoction of current indulgences, decadent distractions and elegant energy.

Enjoying the elements: land, water, air and fire!
(Arizona Foothills Magazine)

Outdoor lounge 
(Kiwi Collection)

Arcade lobby 
(Sally Bernstein)

 Radiant Relaxation
(Zach Hodges)

Take refuge at Viceroy, Palm Springs' most distinctive boutique resort and spa in Southern California. Designed in a modern interpretation of the Hollywood Regency style, Viceroy Palm Springs Resort and Spa features luxury accommodations with private villas, artistically manicured grounds and three refreshing pools... perfect for a luxurious Palm Springs spa vacation getaway, special event, or intimate wedding celebration.
Viceroy Highlights Montage

Tented Seating Arrangement

Outdoor Chandeliers add a touch of glitz
(Jose Villa) 

Bright and sunny wedding details
(Dana Grant)

A Splendidly Courageous 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I love my job. Most days I get to sit at home in my PJ's while raising my little one and write to all you lovebirds about planning weddings! What more could I ask for? But there's always something more, isn't there? Enamor's first blog post of 2012 could be about sharing more inspiration photos but since there will be many other opportunities for that, I wanted to start this new year off by taking a moment to pause and reflect on a few things. As important as it is to me about sharing thoughts on planning a quality wedding, it's just as important that you know more about the person behind the scenes. I must warn you, this may turn into a bit of a ramble and not just wedding related.

Many times, people in general can focus on the lack rather than what they already have. Telling themselves: I should have done it this way or I wish I had this. But we are already equipped! We just have to use what we have in our hands. Whatever you accomplished last year, please give yourself credit for. It may not have been your vision of perfection, but it certainly helped shape your year. 

Every turn of the year, my friends get together and share their own word for the new year. This is determined by a single word you choose to help focus, grow and develop your year. One year my word was submit. The following year it was trust. This year my word is COURAGEOUS; which brings me to my next point.

I must have watched the Brandy version of Cinderella at least 100 times with my daughter in the past few months. As great as the characters and costumes are, there's a stand-out line in the movie where the fairy Godmother tells Cinderella "You know what the problem is with most people? They sit around wishing for something to happen instead of doing something about it." I've heard this line over and over again but this morning it struck a nerve with me. What is it that I want and am I doing something about it?

Last year, aside from wedding planning I started doing styled shoots. Since wedding season is typically May through October, I wanted to keep myself creatively busy and create opportunities to work with my talented friends on fun projects that would help expand our businesses. I took on the role of not only coordinator and planner, but also location scout, stylist, casting director, budget specialist etc. It's been an exciting ride having the freedom to work on photo shoots where I can apply my own personal style and showcase fresh inspiration to brides and the wedding community. Seeing all the styled shoots on other wedding inspiration blogs, I wanted to share what I had been working on, but what I worked on didn't always necessarily fit the bill to get featured in other wedding blogs that I admired. I was quickly reminded that what I like isn't always what they (wedding blogger peers) will like, just the same as what they like isn't always what I would like. 

With that said, I had to ask myself, do I want to do things to fit the image of what my peers are into or do I want to do things the way I want to? Others got to where they are at because they created a niche for themselves, stuck it out and eventually successfully became known as that brand. Not everyone will like what Enamor Events does, but part of personal peace and satisfaction comes from living out your heart's song, not someone else's... remember that! As long as I am happy with my work and my clients are pleased, that's all that should matter.

I'm excited and hopeful for 2012 and I hope you are too! What can you expect from EE this year? Things may get a little messy as we experiment more with the format of the blog, take on more weddings, more styled shoots, more guest bloggers, more DIY, more venue/vendor spotlights and more courage to try out new things and not be afraid to fall on my face and keep going.

Are you engaged and planning a zillion details in your mind and worried you can't handle putting together the wedding you always dreamed of? You're not alone. Let's have the courage to do this together :)

Cheers to another remarkable year!


ps- if you are interested in guest blogging, have a real wedding or wedding DIY project to share, feel free to email: eileen@enamorevents.com