What to Wear Wednesday: TopShop

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Have you ever stopped yourself from going into a store because you wanted to save yourself from falling in love with something you couldn't afford? I think we're probably all guilty of that at some point or another. I've found that the times when I do have the money to buy something are unfortunately the times I end up walking out empty-handed and to compensate for that, I enjoy going 'idea shopping!' I browse websites regularly but there's nothing like actually seeing an item in person. For me, idea shopping means getting out there even when you don't have loads of money to shop and checking out the goods for when you finally do have the budget to treat yourself to something nice.

There are times however that I walk into a store I think would be way out of my league and surprisingly find that their brand wasn't as pricey as I thought. Those are the BEST! Two weeks ago, I was at Wedding MBA in Las Vegas. After the sessions I cashed in on some much needed girl time and was strolling through some shops. Tons of great shopping to be had there by the way and The Fashion Show is an awesome mall! One of the more recent additions in that shopping plaza is TopShop. Now I have no clue why I hadn't bothered to shop at the one in LA before but I LOVE their selection! Their day to night options and dressy shoes range from $50 to $300 (many special occassion items for under $100) and are tailored with a classy edge that doesn't scream "I'm a bridesmaid" or "guest of wedding." To get the most bang for our buck, modern brides are now opting for non-predictable styles that can be worn past the 'day of' and are hot enough for a night on the town. See for yourself!

Studded heels and embellished bodices are among this Fall season's trends. 

Floral print shift dresses line the racks bringing back that timeless retro vibe. 

This is one store your man will enjoy going with you to; he'll dig the wide variety of casual to black tie gear in the men's department.


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