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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wedding bands are an outward symbol of an inward expression of your commitment to one another. Most brides get two rings while their groom gets one and yet he too deserves a ring he'll be proud to wear till death do you part. Have you given much thought to the selection out there? I know men's bands don't seem all that different at first glance as we've all heard of yellow, white gold and platinum, but there are a myriad of other options to consider. I sought the advice from a longtime friend of mine who manages online retail jewelry site BelloMarc to share some wisdom on choosing alternative metal wedding bands. Read on to find out just how durable these metals are. Upon browsing the vast selection of jewelry on their site, you may also discover how (surprisingly) affordable their quality inventory truly is!

A growing trend amongst couples when selecting their wedding bands today is choosing alternative metals as opposed to the traditional gold or platinum versions.  When shopping for alternative wedding rings there are certain aspects of each type of metal that needs to be considered in order to make an informed decision about what is the right metal for you. 

A very popular alternative metal jewelry is made with the use of titanium.  Titanium is not just a song by David Guetta - but it is an element that is low in density enabling it to be lightweight while maintaining its strength, radiance and gray-silver hue.  The corrosion-resistant metal has been used by a variety of industries including medical, aerospace and marine.  In more recent times jewelry designers have popularized the use of titanium due to its durability as well as its biocompatibility, making it a non-toxic element and ideal for individuals who are allergic to traditional metals such as gold or silver.  Titanium rings are resistance to breakage but are still delicate enough to be scratched.  Since it is virtually weightless, titanium bands are easy and comfortable to wear.  It is the perfect wedding ring for individuals who work with water often since it is corrosion resistant, those who are allergic to traditional metals or for someone who is not used to having a band around their finger or often times find it uncomfortable to wear a ring.  No excuses now!

Tungsten carbide is another popular alternative metal.  With its high brilliant shine, it is favored by many as an alternative choice for wedding bands.  Tungsten carbide is scratch resistant with normal everyday wear and consistently looks new through its glossy polished finish.  Although it is scratch resistant, it is still a brittle metal in that when dropped, it may crack.  Tungsten carbide rings are ideal for those serving in the armed forces which require a lot of work through the use of their hands.  Keep in mind that not all tungsten carbide is created equal.  The original patented formula of Tungsten Carbide TC850, is the innovative blend created to be solid, strong, scratch resistant and forever polished to a high gloss finish.  Tungsten carbide is available in its original tone of grey-silver, white –a brilliant silver tone, and black.  ArtCarved, Benchmark and Triton are among the few labels that use the patented Tungsten Carbide TC850 formula making it more shatter-resistant than its regular non-patented tungsten carbide versions.

Cobalt chrome has made its appearance in recent years to a welcoming audience.  Cobalt rings have similar elements as palladium, platinum or white gold.  The color is a brilliant white-silver tone and in comparison to palladium, platinum and white gold, it is much stronger.  It is also tarnish resistant enabling it to remain brilliant in color and gloss.  In comparison to titanium it is also hold hypoallergenic properties but it is denser, similar in weight to that of gold.  Cobalt chrome is also brighter in color as opposed to the grey-silver tone of titanium.  Benchmark and Triton are two of the limited designers who have been able to incorporate the use cobalt chrome in their jewelry designs.  

With alternative metal rings, it cannot be conventionally sized as we normally would with gold, silver or platinum.  Most reliable brands offer some sort of lifetime ring sizing exchange so in the event your finger grows or reduces in size, your ring can be exchanged to the correct size for a nominal fee.  Always check to be sure your alternative metal wedding band comes with a lifetime ring sizing program and a manufacturer warranty that backs the craftsmanship of each piece. 

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Triton 8mm Dual Finish Tungsten Carbide Diamond Ring


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