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Friday, July 6, 2012

TGIF friends!!! Today, I have a special treat that I've been wanting to share with you, an introduction to my super talented friends at CakeFlix Wedding Films.  

Many couples seek great photography and I completely identify with them as I was one of those brides. But it wasn't until two vendors that I hadn't ever considered changed our world and were crucial in helping to contribute many cherished memories. The first being our wedding coordinator, who handled our wedding with such awesomeness that it inspired me to passionately pursue what I do today, and secondly, our wedding videographer, or shall I say 'cinematographer' who provided us more memories than a still image camera could ever capture. Ironically, these two suppliers seem to make it on the back end of a wedding priority list and I believe it's simply because of a lack of knowledge. I invited my friend Louie Casas of CakeFlix Wedding Films to share some insight with you since I know he would articulate this misconception much better than I ever could. I am completely in awe with his team's creativity, quality of work and proud to see their spectacular gifts flourish!

Who is Cakeflix Wedding Films? We think the best way to describe us is that we are a team in love with visual storytelling; weddings in particular. We simply adore our couples and strive to deliver above their expectations. In other words, we love to awe them. It really brings us great delight in our hearts when the newlyweds are satisfied with their film and experience with us. We believe that natural reactions and our un-staged approach to shooting a wedding gives the best quality film that’s why we like to be as discreet as possible and not draw any attention to ourselves.

Sadly, “wedding videos” as most would call it is not viewed as a must have for a couple’s special day. We’re at the bottom of the list and seen as optional if there’s extra money left over.  I think the reason for that is because couples are stuck with the idea of the old style; quickly phasing out “wedding videos” which have been known for low quality, boring, uncreative and lack of storytelling. The new era of “wedding cinematography” is completely opposite. Just take a sneak peek at our highlight films below and you will see exactly what I mean. A mix of high quality audio, multiple full HD cameras, Hollywood style movements and creative editing and you have the recipe for an unbelievable wedding film. It really is your personal movie. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If a still photo has that much worth, then how valuable are moving pictures? Though still photos are great, I honestly believe that it does not do justice to a couple’s wedding. To have that full experience in re-living the most important day of your lives you need to hear your vows again, that joke that was so funny while you were getting ready, the speech from your best man/maid of honor that made you tear, your parents' blessings and words from the heart, that first dance routine you worked so hard for, random interviews/words from your guests, friends and those precious, random, in between moments. I can go on and on why still photographs are not enough. Your personal wedding film really is priceless! There are so many things that take place during a wedding that the couple does not get to see or enjoy because they are behind the scenes or worrying about how everything will turn out. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, what you have to reminisce on are your photographs and film. 

Here are a few samples of our work. Contact us at our many different packages and meet the team! 

Wedding Day Films:
Taylor + Melody: Predestined from Cakeflix Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Alex + Helen: Christ | Vintage | Love from Cakeflix Wedding Films on Vimeo.

NIKKI and GARY: A styled "Save The Date". from Cakeflix Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Alex + Helen: "The Notebook" movie inspired Save The Date/Love Story. from Cakeflix Wedding Films on Vimeo.


Unkle Lou said...

Thank you so much Eileen!!!!! We appreciate it very very much! It was really great to work with you! I always refer you to our couples!! See you Sept 15 and Nov 17!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love!! =).

@EnamorEileen said...

Thank YOU very much for letting EE feature you. We appreciate all your referrals and look forward to more collaborations together!!!

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