To UGG or Knot to UGG?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy first day of Summer, everyone! 

For this week's post, i have something that isn't summery at all. While i know wedding season is in full-swing, the brides who are getting married already have their details in place and the newly engaged/up and comers are looking for new inspiration or final touches to include on their big day. Perhaps you are having a fall or winter wedding? If so, i've got just the item for your consideration. 

Introducing... (drumroll, please) the recently launched UGG "I Do" Collection. Yup, I said it! UGGs has followed in TOMS' footsteps and created a few pairs of wedding-esque shoes. They call it a collection, but so far there are only three different types of "I Do's" available. What do y'all think? Would you wear them with your wedding dress? I know there are a ton of UGG loyalists out there and i happen to not-at-the-moment be one of them, so please be warned, my commentary is coming from a different perspective. 

Check out those fluffy flip-flops. It makes me cringe to imagine a groom lifting his bride's gown for the garter toss and find her rockin' those! But, I will admit, after a long day in stilettos, those shearling fluff flops would feel heavenly. I know some of us can't stand high heels and others live in extremely cold climates but seriously... UGGs!? I think a wedding collection is a very smart move for them and I am actually looking forward to seeing what other bridal styles UGGs comes up with. I know they're comfy, but they never struck me as a sexy boot. They make my feet look bulky and scream 'comfort.' Now if UGGs came out with a sleek, wedge ankle bootie in the iridescent sparkles, that just might be the ticket!

Photos via: UGG & NY Daily News


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