3 Tips for Better Wedding Photos

Thursday, June 28, 2012

You just had the wedding of your dreams and experienced the celebration you hoped for but what if the memories caught on film were not what you had in mind? I believe amazing photos are not only the work of a great photographer but happens with one's ability to convey what it is they want, then setting a scene for such moments to take place. Here are a few suggestions to consider when communicating your expectations with your photographer.

1. Details- You know all those real life weddings in blogs and magazines you've been swooning over and inspiring ideas you plastered your pinterest boards with? Those weddings stand out and are featured because they took time to take traditional elements and creatively personalize them. Some ideas are beyond your budget but most are quite do-able if you take the time to do a little research on how you can cost efficiently flip an idea into your own angle. Why am i mentioning this? Because all these details make for awesome photos! You can have tons of posed photos and photos of great scenery, but the style that translates through one's wedding is very personal and paints a lasting impression you'll want to look at over and over again and not want to feel like you would have changed a thing. Pinterest is a free, excellent tool and a one stop shop to compile all your ideas and show any of your vendors or bridal party the ideas you have in mind.

2. Photographic Style- Maybe Uncle Ned offered to shoot your wedding and that's all you can afford. No problem with that. Uncle Ned doesn't have to be a wedding photographer per se, but he and even photographers that specialize in weddings would benefit from being shown different images you like. Telling them what you like and don't like about each image can only help them to not have to assume what it is you want. The difference of outcome can be compared to the way a hairstylist could interpret the haircut you're describing versus having an actual visual image to go by. Do you like fine art photography? Urban Outfitters Spring catalog type photos, abstract, artistic, urban, whimsical or more classic/traditional photos? Showing your photographer examples can help them identify whether you prefer the look of natural light or staged lights and can help them be better prepared. Please take the time to narrow down what looks good to you and ask your photographer if he/she is able to realistically re-create that vibe with their equipment, experience etc.

3. Shot List- I'm not talking about just handing your photographer a list of which family members you want photos taken with after the ceremony. Although that's one aspect of a shot list, what types of photos do you want memories of in your photo album? Candids, scenery, newlyweds amidst a sunset background, specific reception events in particular? Photographers have their own basic list of major segments throughout the wedding to cover, but they can't read your mind. If it's important to you to have photos of you and your bridesmaids getting ready, staying until your send off or capturing you being silly as you enter your honeymoon suite, please don't assume they know to capture that and feel free to let them know your order of priorities.

Bottomline, i can't stress enough how utterly important photography is! You did all the planning and now it's time to invest in a professional to capture all the details of your beautiful story. There are no second takes to capture once in a lifetime moments, so do your part to make your shots count!

Image via:
The extraordinarily talented Nelwin Uy


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