Packing & Stacking: Creating Your Wedding Registry

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The hub and I are in the thick of packing, (which by the way is one of a few things I can't stand doing) and again, it amazes me how much junk we accumulate in such a short amount of time. I mean, didn't we just go through this!? So here I am sorting out what to keep, toss and give away and I come across a couple things I wanted from our wedding registry that got little to no use: wall art, a rolling pin, the spice rack I had to have... I consider myself pretty open when it comes to trying out new recipes but I never got around to using marjoram, caraway or coriander- does anyone? Needless to say, that gorgeous stainless steel spice rack has been a dust magnet for the past couple years.

I thought i'd offer a few practical tips from my personal experience when setting up your registry. I hope this helps!

Take time to discuss each room & prioritize your list
We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and just felt overwhelmed. We hadn't decided on the style/vibe "together" beforehand, so it was a little bit of what he wanted and a little bit of what I wanted without any real continuity of design for our space. Keep in mind the size of each room and consider functionality, versatility as well as longevity of products.

Forecast your entertaining needs
The one thing I wish I paid more attention to rather than buying the essentials was serving ware. Looking back, essentials are something you can buy at any given time, whereas the statement pieces, like a signature pasta bowl are staples in your collection that showcase personality in your home. You may or may not throw a ton of formal dinner parties but it would be nice to have a handful of heirloom worthy pieces on deck for special occasions.

Scanning is not the end all
Using the scanning gun can be thrilling but each store has a different variety of goods in stock. Be sure to take your time to also surf through the company's website for other "online only" items you may have missed in person and take into consideration what reviewers are saying to compare each product. 

Seasonal Shopping
If you're browsing during the fall or summer, you may run into a lot of seasonal items so if you aren't too pleased with the inventory, credit or gift cards are the way to go till you come across a 'must-have!'

Ask your friends what items have been top rank for their daily living
We all have different lifestyles but oftentimes it's helpful to get perspective on what has helped others get by. While an automatic espresso machine may be an everyday necessity for others, a juicer might be better suited for your needs. 

Now or later?
Your heart may be set on a portable fire pit for your future backyard, but that is always something you can purchase later, rather than taking up precious space in your tiny balcony or storage closet. If you can't use something in the next six months, maybe it's something you don't need to have right now... just sayin' :)


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