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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Most weeks I know exactly what i'm going to write about. But there are those weeks that occasionally creep up on me and before I know it the end of the week is here without a single word written. This is one of those weeks.  (Shame on me, i know)! It's not like me to completely skip a week so while the baby is napping and with the movie "Hairspray" softly playing in the background, i'm getting my few minutes of semi-alone blog time in :)

A few weeks ago I featured my friend Irene's mod-inspired fall wedding. Before I even laid my eyes on her gorgeously detailed wedding, I'd already decided I was going to do something vibrant, funky, a spring-summery mod wedding so to speak, with my own lil' twist on it of course. Admist packing and spring cleaning, i've been pretty busy- hunting down the right dress, heels, accessories, grooms outfit, props and all the other countless details that go into planning a styled shoot. 

My ipad is full of images I saved and went back and forth on and although I won't show you the actual pieces that made the cut just yet, I'll leave you with a few photos that inspired me. If you're a bride who has a zillion ideas you love but not sure how it'll all flow together, I encourage you to use Pinterest and PicStitch to piece your photos together. It'll make a world of difference, I promise!

Wishing you a relaxing week end and hopefully next time we meet, I can share some actual photos of the shoot itself!


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