Etsy Says I Do!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Etsy, our favorite vintage and handmade site just announced they're offering a wedding registry! I really wish this was around when I was getting married, but I suppose one could also use the registry to start a wish list for a housewarming or something like that as well. I put together a few oddities I wouldn't mind having; abstract wall decor and imported trinkets for the home. Of course there are a ton of choices from custom jewelry to rare furniture pieces available and if you don't need another mixing bowl from Bed, Bath & Beyond, perhaps it's time to accessorize your home with an eclectic assortment of etsyptional treasures!

Mod 60s Glass Vases - OpheliaVintageHome
Original Painting Set "Cherry Blossom Tree" - JeanVadalSmith
Earrings Jewelry Holder Frame - OnTheWallUSA
Moroccan Tabletop Lantern - Decorsophy

In Our Home We Do Typography - OurHobbyToYourHome
Throw Pillows - WoodyLiana
Vintage Upholstered French Settee - EndOfBeige
Eco Mounted Return Address Stamp - ForYoo


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