Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm going camping this weekend and although i'm really looking forward to it, showing you pictures of us sitting around in our beach chairs wouldn't be too exciting. Taking the concept of camping to a whole 'notha level, however, is brilliant! I don't mind roughing it to a degree but how thrilling would it be to experience the breathtaking sites of nature with the modern conveniences of luxury. 

I realize camping isn't for everyone... but glamping? Imagine guests under a blanket of stars surrounding a blazing bonfire and roasting s'mores at your reception after party. To be able to share your love for the outdoors with your closest friends and family on your wedding day or a glamping honeymoon off the beaten path, what a magical adventure!

Glamping Styled Shoot by Brooke Keegan

The Resort at Paws Up - Greenough, Montana

Ketchups Bank - Cannon Creek, Australia

El Capitan Canyon - Santa Barbara, California

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort - Tofino, British Columbia

Hoopoe Yurt Hotel - Andalucia, Spain

EcoCamp - Patagonia, Chile

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