DIY Guestbook Message in a Bottle

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do couples really freeze and eat wedding cake on their first anniversary? I know it's a tradition but being that the hub hardly likes cake to begin with, we didn't bother. (Btw, is a year old frozen wedding cake any good? Were we missing out on anything other than the romantic nostalgia?) As I was thinking about this, I started pondering practical approaches to common wedding must-haves; one being another variation for a guest sign-in book. We went the traditional route on that one and well, I never did open up that book again! So here's a lovely little, simple yet crafty twist that guests can appreciate the day of and will have you both smiling at a year or more later :)

I love the aesthetics of pairing different shaped bottles, jars and vases. What about a sign-in table with pads of paper, pens, mismatched and oddly shaped glassware, accompanied by a framed sign saying: "Please write a message for the Newlyweds to open on their 1st Anniversary." Depending on your theme, you can dress the table or jars up with florals, ribbons or even sand and seashells if you really want to go for the "message in the bottle" affect.

Images via: Mikado Weddings, WeddingChicks, Martha Stewart


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