Bridal Headpieces

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not feeling flowers, clips, combs or veils but still contemplating a way to dress up your bridal hair? I'm absolutely LOVING this Grecian, Celtic, Gypsy, Hippie goddess inspired look!!!

Alicia Keys

Moorea Seal


Vanessa Hudgens wearing Haute Betts

Vintage Necklace as a Headpiece as seen on OnceWed

Nicole Ritchie - House of Harlow

Gardens of Whimsy

Kim Kardashian wearing House of Harlow

Navy Blue is The New Grey

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

..atleast in my book it is! I've seen a lot of grey suits in the 2010-2011 wedding season, I even started with my own wedding at the end of 2009. Black can be so formal and khaki can be quite casual, navy blue is a refreshing choice that looks great on most skin tones. It gives a burst of color that's classic without being too loud. The key is getting a suit that's tailored to fit one's body type well and a slim cut makes for a modern, european flair. Let the pictures speak for themselves!

Eco Friendly Wedding Party

Monday, June 13, 2011

You eat organic as much as possible, take re-useable cloth shopping bags to the grocery store, prefer mineral make-up, possibly even all-natural tooth paste, love the cause of TOMS and generally consider yourself environmentally conscious. Would you like to carry these earth loving  'green' lifestyle habits over  to your wedding?

Beyond the solar-powered venue, conflict-free diamond ring, recycled paper invitations and locally-grown, organic produce, outfit your wedding party in the finest eco-friendly fabrics. Not only do the following designers rock in style, they are known for expressing their unique creations by using organic cotton, vegetable dyes, hemp silk and bamboo. Check them out, i'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised, eco-friendly doesn't always translate to hippie, plain or boring!

Below are a few photos from fabulous eco-friendly sellers.

Bamboo Ringbearer Pillow - Jwrobel Studio

 Elise Hemp Silk Dress - SomethingNew

Organic Hemp Silk Ascot - ElegantAscot

Organic Linen Wrap With Large Hemp Silk Crepe flowers - Natural Bridals

Organic Ivory Cream Ruffled Flowergirl Dress - LaParisLaur

PS- For more ideas on having a green wedding, read a previous blog entry

Honeymoon Season

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm no travel expert, but because i'm a researchaholic when it comes to all things wedding related, i know a good deal when one comes my way and this includes honeymoons! I posted a blog a little over a year ago about getting the 'most bang for your buck' regarding going to destinations where the dollar is strong and the best time to buy airfare, but i thought i'd revisit this subject again because it is always the season to $ave money and travel smart.

Not sure where to start? A honeymoon fund is an excellent registry to create, even if you haven't decided where you're going. This will definitely provide your guests a way to contribute to your first memorable vacation as a married couple. Popular sites are: TravelersJoy, Honeyfund & HoneymoonWishes. 

Here are a few questions I thought would be important to ask yourselves when getting started; this should provide you with a good blueprint to start planning:
  • What is our budget?
  • How much time do we have?
  • Do we want to bother getting our passports?
  • What type of environment do we prefer? Beach, City etc.
  • What kinds of food do we like/dislike?
  • What do each of us consider a good time? Specific activities like zip-lining or museums etc.
  • Is there an absolute NO for each of us? Safari, Cruise etc.
  • Do we want to stay in 1 town or travel to surrounding areas? If so, you'll need to allocate money and time for additional travel expenses.
Once you sit down and are clear on each other's preferences, you can start fine tuning your research. You don't have to have an itinerary that's set in stone, but once you narrow down the region, let's say Southeast Australia for example, knowing that climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, visiting Ballarat Wildlife Park, Fergusson Winery, Bondi Beach and the Opera House are options, you won't have to completely wing it and can anticipate the adventures of the day according to your moods. The money may not yet be in the bank, but it's never too early to know exactly what you want. When the funds are available, you'll be ready to hit the purchase button!

If the honeymoon of your dreams isn't immediately within your grasp, you can always do a mini 'moon to a nice town within a few hours of your home for a weekend getaway and postpone the trip either after you know how much you've received in monetary gifts or when you can tap into a deeper pot of savings. Just as home is where the heart is, your honeymoon is what you make of it, whether it be at a luxury resort or a quaint bed and breakfast.

Time of the year can also play a huge part when deciding where to go and save money at the same time. According to Sardone of, cheapest months to travel are as follows. I also added in a few more countries out of my own curious research:

New York, NY
San Francisco, CA
Washington, DC

Dallas, TX

Los Angeles

Asheville & Charlotte, NC


Phoenix, AZ
Albuquerque, NM

Tucson, AZ
Memphis, TN
El Paso, TX

Las Vegas, NV
Killington, VT
Kansas City, MO

New Orleans

St. Martin
Costa Rica
Breckinridge, CO

Reno & Lake Tahoe, NV
Dominican Republic

Napa-Sonoma, CA

Since the goal is to avoid peak season, these months may not be the most ideal of weather conditions in that part of the world, but if saving some cash is a priority, i'm sure you newlyweds will find a way to work it out!

Socks Appeal

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Say goodbye to the boring, predictable tuxedos and accessorize your groom(smen) with some fun and chic: cufflinks, ties, hats, boutonnieres, shoes, and my fave... socks!

Striped Socks - Jose Villa, OnceWed

 Sock Collage - The Wedding Informer

Great gift for the groom! - Found on Etsy