Knot Unique: Fashion Sense From Yesterday's Bride

Friday, September 23, 2011

I remember being in 9th grade asking my mom to buy me a pair of bell bottoms. She laughed and said "those old things are back again?" "What do you mean?" I asked. She explained that particular style was hot in the 70's. Here I was thinking how trend setting it was, you can imagine my shock! That was my first encounter with the notion that fashion repeats itself.

The term 'nothing is original, it's already been done before' holds true for most things; brides of eras past paved the way for what we see today. Taking something vintage and creating one's personal flair with it is what gives it individuality.

Here's a look at the evolution of wedding style through the decades and how some modern day brides, or shall I say 'designers' took their cues from those that preceeded them and adapted their own fresh twist to it.

Edwardian / Victorian
High Collars, huge hats, away with the corsets, hemlines showing a hint of ankles.

Roaring Twenties
Loose Waist, Knee-length dresses that were carefree and suitable for jazz dancing.

Old Hollywood (Started with The Great Depression, ended with World War II).
Form fitting silhouette 'gowns' with trains.

Goodbye gowns, hello broad shoulders & cinched waists.

Pin-up Girl Glamour
Full princess skirts, flattering necklines, lace & tulle.

Collar bone scoop necks, mini skirts & sheath dresses.


Maxi dress, high collar with bishop sleeves, empire waist and flowy full body coverage.

Emphasized Shoulders, gaudy adornments (bows & pearls).

Nicole Ritchie's wedding dress was inspired by Grace Kelly's iconic 1956 wedding dress, however it also looks quite 80's-ish to me! (Ivanka Trump & Kate Middleton were others who claimed to also have been inspired by Grace Kelly's wedding dress).

Refined Bold.
Dropped waist and flare below hips, embroidery.

2000-Present Day
More about personality instead of tradition.
A little bit of everything from mermaid silhouettes to colored wedding dresses!

A gorgeous blush wedding gown, by no other than Vera Wang!


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