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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You know how there are people you get used to seeing on a weekly or almost regular basis and next thing you know, you're wondering where they are and then you see on Facebook that they moved away and got married!? Meet my friend Toni and her husband Chad. Toni and I went to Oasis Church in Los Angeles and my husband introduced us; they met on a missions trip to Guatemala several years ago. She is one of those people whose caring and fun spirit you just want to be around! 

We miss you Toni and are so excited to see you continue your new adventure with Chad! You two are an insanely beautiful couple, when I look at your pictures, such joy fills my heart. Thanks so much for blessing Enamor Events readers with your wedding details!

Date: Sunday, May 29, 2011 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Location: Boston Harbor

Yacht: The Odyssey

Ceremony: Occurred on the top deck of the yacht and the reception was a cruise of the Boston Harbor. We had a violist and an opera vocalist perform during the ceremony. The Ceremony was conducted by my brother Andre Fields. My husband's identical twin brother (who introduced us) was the Best Man and my sister was the Maid of Honor. Our parents attended, a few aunts that helped raised us attended, and our respective college roommates. It was a very intimate ceremony, only 20 people. We wanted to keep it intimate because we both have large extended families and large circles of friends/co-workers. We wanted to enjoy our guests and savor the experience. We wanted to spend this special occasion with the 20 most influential people in our lives... people who would help keep us accountable in our marriage.

Dress: Viola by Justina McCaffrey. I personally met the designer and she selected a dress from her collection that best fit my personality. I wanted something elegant given the yacht atmosphere, yet sexy and form fitting. It was a very personal experience as my Mother in Law shopped with me.

Flowers: I chose a purple orchid bouquet, but the arrangement was unique and not typical. I chose the orchid because it represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. I chose the non-traditional arrangement because I wanted it to accent the couture wedding dress and the overall atmosphere of an elegant yacht wedding.

Location: Due to our busy professional lives we decided to lower the planning stress and have the wedding where we lived (Boston), rather than where our respective families lived across the country (California and Texas). I am a lawyer and my husband is a trauma surgeon/professor of surgery, so we wanted to enjoy the wedding planning process instead of worrying about minor details that no would ultimately remember.

Videography & Photography: We had the wedding and ceremony professionally shot and hired an editor to create a fun wedding video. I chose a wedding photographer, Joseph Prezioso, who did a second photo shoot for us after the ceremony/reception. He is known for having a "rock star" creative vision as he also shoots rock concerts for record companies. Our wedding photos during the second photo shoot are very reflective of our outgoing urban personality.

What We Value: My husband and I have both served abroad as missionaries and, after seeing so much poverty in the world, being good stewards of our finances was very important to us. We set a wedding/honeymoon budget that we refused to go over. While we wanted an elegant wedding it had to be at a reasonable cost. It was very important to us not to needlessly spend large amounts of money on our wedding, even if we could afford it.

Honeymoon: Given our love for traveling we preferred to spend the bulk of the budget on our honeymoons. We had a mini-moon in Puerto Rico for 3 days and when our vacation time arrived we took a 3-week honeymoon to South America. We ran the Rio de Janeiro Marathon and hiked the ancient Inca Trail for 4-days into Machu Picchu. We saw two of the seven world wonders on our honeymoon. Five days after our return from our honeymoon we relocated from Boston to Manhattan to start our new jobs.

~Toni Fields-Wilson


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