Apothecary Jars

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I love the look of apothecary jars! They are classy, come in a variety of fun shapes and sizes to mix up and can hold just about anything to add that extra bit of charm to your display setting.

apothecary jar 
a small, covered jar, formerly used by druggists to hold pharmaceuticals, now chiefly in household use to hold spices, candies, cosmetics, etc., and sometimes decorated, as a lamp base or flower vase.

You can easily find these online, from places like Crate & Barrel and Etsy. One store that has a nice selection to choose from is Save-On-Crafts.

My FAVORITE use for apothecary jars is an herbal wedding toss. What a lovely and fragrant way to send off the newlyweds! Perfect for a 'green' wedding and a bride & groom that enjoy cooking, it is eco-friendly and a great alternative to bubbles, sparklers and dried rice which is harmful to birds. 

You can include a label on each jar letting guests know the significance of each herb. Traditional wedding herbs include:

Marjoram- joy & happiness

Chamomile- patience

Lavendar- luck & devotion

Sage- a wish for long life

Roses- represent love.

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