Bride & Groom Wedding Gift Exchange

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Q: I've heard of couples exchanging gifts with each other before the wedding. Is this a mandatory (American) custom?

A: It is an optional custom for the bride and groom to exchange gifts during the rehearsal dinner, day of the wedding or soon as the wedding is over. The couple exchange gifts to commemorate the special occasion, to show their love for each other and to celebrate their new life together. Check with each other if you want to uphold this tradition. You don't want any hurt feelings if one person buys a gift and the other doesn't.

Q: What are some gift suggestions?

A: Gifts don't have to be expensive, depending on the person, something sentimental or creative would probably go over well. However, I've seen everything from a Louis Vuitton purse to a 'special' photo shoot. My groom had no idea about the 'tradition' and after I gifted him with a video my friends helped me put together, he surprised me with a Michael Kors watch I had been eyeing soon as we got back from our honeymoon. A gift that is thoughtful and personalized will most likely be met with heartfelt appreciation.

Gift Ideas

Day of- The tradition is typically jewelry such as a necklace or earrings for the bride and cufflinks or a watch for the groom.

Honeymoon- Sunglasses, surprise tickets to a show, gear towards hobby of choice.

Other Ideas- a poem, couples massage, tattoo etc.

Some Info Derived From: TheKnot, EHow Family


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