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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I realize this title may sound ambiguous but I didn't want to crowd the subject line with an extension of the title, which this post is about, a wedding coordinator's take on her role & gratitude; incase you were wondering :)

People ask me how it is to be a wedding coordinator. I wish there was a simple answer. "Fun, I bet!" they say. While certain areas like the creative aspect of planning, can be, most of the time it's hard work catering to an ever changing bride's mind and everyone else that influences her. Contrary to the countless picturesque publications, it certainly isn't glamorous since the hours of planning and organizing doesn't equate to an airbrushed facade. I create spreadsheets, maintain to-do lists, budgets, revisions, more revisions, research pricing, trends, read reviews, visit venues, present ideas, review contracts, call vendors, email clients, meet with clients, blog in between then do it all over again and again all prior to the wedding. Then when wedding day arrives, I make sure to put on the most comfortable, professional, polished-yet-me-but-it's-not-about-me-variation-of-a-sheath-dress and brace myself for a LONG day where all those details need to come alive and flow smoothly within a specifically tailored timeline. By the end of it all, my feet are swollen, my ear hurts from my headpiece, i'm most likely dehydrated because I don't have time to drink water and while I go to bed with a pounding headache, I cap off the night with a smile on my face!

Why do I do what I do? While we still live in an economy where most people don't think they need to pay for a wedding coordinator, the ones who know don't doubt that it's an essential investment and one that absolutely must be allocated to a professional. After all the money spent, ensuring your wedding day runs smoothly isn't a small task that your friend offering you to do as a favor can easily handle, rather passed on to one who has experience with weddings and can dedicate their time and attention to carrying out every last detail with excellence. No matter how simple you think your wedding is, there are bound to be unplanned moments that need to be dealt with special care. Granted, you're on a tight budget and the friend may be great with details, organization and isn't already a busy member of your bridal party, but don't you want them to enjoy the celebration instead of focusing on working? Who's gonna set-up and break down, cue your bridal party, improvise when you forget your garter or misplace the lighter for your unity candle? Forget about the things that go unseen like putting out a fiasco between your uncle and the catering company without the newlyweds ever knowing.

I once read that being a wedding coordinator is a thankless job. If the wedding goes great, it was supposed to. If the wedding doesn't happen the way it should have, it's your fault (even if it wasn't) because you're the wedding coordinator. Thick skin, a keen eye for detail, anticipating a client's needs, people skills, organization skills, a visionary, someone who can deliver, think fast on their feet, keep everyone calm when things can get chaotic.. and each wedding party is different, a continual learning curve every single time. I LOVE it!!! It keeps me on my toes and best of all, i'm surrounded for the most part by family and friends who love and support the two people who are committing their lives to each other. It is, like I said, hard work... in the most beautiful setting and a priceless reward to have been able to help be a huge part of the start of their journey as one.

Yes, I am the person running around in the background, setting up the escort cards, placing the sand at the altar, coordinating with the DJ and making sure the wedding party is picture perfect and informed at all times. I get to do what I love and never take it lightly when a bride and groom trust me to help plan and coordinate their day. Knowing that it's impossible to please everyone, it's a golden moment when someone actually takes a few seconds to say "you're doing a great job." During one of the recent weddings I coordinated, a fourteen year old girl approached me to let me know how much she appreciated my work. It's nice to be acknowledged; everyone at one time or another needs encouragement and I am grateful someone took the time to say two words, simple as it sounds but it meant the world to me.. thank you.

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