Adam + Maia

Friday, July 15, 2011

It's been a minute since I featured a newlywed on my site. Although I see and hear about so many weddings which are all unique in their own right, Enamor Events doesn't shine the spotlight on just anybody. The following couple is one whose wedding story I found inspiring and exciting to watch unfold, especially since they didn't have a traditional wedding. Thanks Adam & Maia for agreeing to let me share your beautiful memories and how it all came together. Without further ado, here it is in their own words, along with the fantastic photos to match. They took tons of great pictures, it wasn't easy narrowing it down. Enjoy!


EE: Why did you plan your wedding the way you did?

A+M: We wanted our wedding to be unique. We are not religious, so we had freedom in choosing our locations. We wanted something that reflected our personalities and not a typical wedding just for the sake of adhering to what is "expected" or "safe".

EE: How did you personalize your wedding?

A+M: Our wedding was personalized in many ways. Our tattoo artist from Milwaukee, WI married us in Austin, TX and gifted us with wedding tattoos. We even gifted each other with custom bone carvings symbolizing ourselves and our relationship. We were married in a short ceremony on Mt. Bonnell, TX, which was where Adam proposed. We wrote our own vows, and only immediate family was present for a very special ceremony. Our ceremony was very focused on landmarks and businesses that were "truly Austin" as we relocated here to start fresh shortly after being engaged. Being fairly new to Austin, our main reception took place in Milwaukee. We picked a venue which was flexible with us in terms of catering and entertainment. As we took our honeymoon in Tahiti shortly following the reception, we went with a tropical theme. My former halau, Hale O Malo, put on a Polynesian revue which I was able to perform in as well. Not only did we share the cultural-based entertainment (complete with fire dancers!), but we had sushi, a pig roast, banana chocolate cake, Polynesian music, and tropical flowers.

EE: Where did you go for your honeymoon and why did you choose those places?

A+M: We picked Tahiti as a honeymoon spot as it is the definition of paradise. I was very eager to visit as part of my background is Hawaiian and I love everything Polynesian (and am a professional Polynesian dancer).

EE: What were the highlights of your trip?

A+M: Highlights included fabulous bungalows, enjoying the beautiful waters (including swimming with sharks and stingrays!), getting tattooed, attending a local man's birthday party on the beach and dancing to their live Tahitian music, fabulous French food, meeting people from around the world, and awesome sunsets over happy hour!

EE: Any other special memories or advice you want to share?

A+M: We truly feel this experience reflected ourselves and our relationship. With that in mind, details seemed to fall into place on their own. Be true to yourself although you'll receive outside pressure to conform to what others want or expect for you.



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