Eco Friendly Wedding Party

Monday, June 13, 2011

You eat organic as much as possible, take re-useable cloth shopping bags to the grocery store, prefer mineral make-up, possibly even all-natural tooth paste, love the cause of TOMS and generally consider yourself environmentally conscious. Would you like to carry these earth loving  'green' lifestyle habits over  to your wedding?

Beyond the solar-powered venue, conflict-free diamond ring, recycled paper invitations and locally-grown, organic produce, outfit your wedding party in the finest eco-friendly fabrics. Not only do the following designers rock in style, they are known for expressing their unique creations by using organic cotton, vegetable dyes, hemp silk and bamboo. Check them out, i'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised, eco-friendly doesn't always translate to hippie, plain or boring!

Below are a few photos from fabulous eco-friendly sellers.

Bamboo Ringbearer Pillow - Jwrobel Studio

 Elise Hemp Silk Dress - SomethingNew

Organic Hemp Silk Ascot - ElegantAscot

Organic Linen Wrap With Large Hemp Silk Crepe flowers - Natural Bridals

Organic Ivory Cream Ruffled Flowergirl Dress - LaParisLaur

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