Trash it or Cash it?

Monday, May 23, 2011

You wore the wedding dress of your dreams and in most cases, it wasn't cheap. Now what happens to it? Do you box it up in your storage closet and hope your daughter will one day wear it or are you willing to do something fun, artsy or even life-changing?

There are two ideas i'd like to suggest.

After the wedding, put the dress back on and don't be afraid to get a lil' dirty; take daring, out-the-box pictures for a "trash your dress" photoshoot.

Artistic photographs aside, instead of storing your dress in a closet, why not sell your dress to another bride? Afterall, you already have more than an album's worth of photographs of you in your dress! Brand names generally hold their value well and there are great websites such as Once Wed and Recycled Bride that offer an ideal platform for buying/selling used dresses. To step it up a notch, use the money to donate to a charity of your choice to help make a difference for others less fortunate than yourself.

Two completely different ideas, I know, but the latter of the two is definitely a worthy cause to be a part of. You most certainly can do BOTH! After getting the dress dry-cleaned of course :)

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Jessica Zais
Brian Wedge
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Mindy Weiss
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