Cookbook Wedding Favors

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For all the epicurean couples out there who love trying out restaurants and experimenting with new recipes together, here is one DIY project to share your passion for food and cooking.

The How: Provide an option for guests to respond to the RSVP  card by including their signature recipes. Along with your favorites, compile the guest submissions to create a custom cookbook highlighting a select assortment of everything from appetizers to desserts and seasonal family entrees. To bring it more to life, you can also include a photo and a short blurb about the significance of the dish; "This is the first dessert that I ever cooked for ______ which won him/her over!"

and lastly, a delightful sign to hang in your kitchen that says it all :)

Photo Credits:
Elizabeth Anne Designs
Cindy Clauss


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