Venue Variables

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

He (or you) asked and you (or he) accepted! Let the planning begin! After agreeing on the season you prefer to get married and narrowing down possible dates, the hunt for the perfect venue begins.

Budget permitting and if you aren't eager to dive into a DIY (do-it-yourself) wedding, save yourself the headache of tracking down the right table cloths and napkins, worrying about who's going to set up and break down the tables, creating the proper mood lighting and consider the potential of saving $ on fancy floral arrangements (to name a few elements) all because the venue you chose simply has it all!

A Word of Advice: 
Consider picking a venue that already matches the theme/decor of your wedding. Play off the natural beauty of your surroundings and add your own twist to it to lessen the amount of work it would take to create the ambiance from scratch.

Viceroy Hotel, Palm Springs, CA- Modern, Fresh, Black/White/Yellow, Spring/Summer

Vineyard Wedding Inspiration Board- Grapevines/Wildflowers/Sweet smell of nature/Autumn

Ice Hotel- Scandanavia/Canada/Who said a destination wedding had to be tropical?/Unique Winter Wonderland any time of the year!

Beach Wedding- Cool blues/Palm trees/Soothing waves/Summer Paradise

Photo Credits:
Embrace Life Photo, ElizabethAnneDesigns, Hotel de Glace, Webspin


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