Boy or Girl?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Being a pregnant wedding planner, I've been pondering whether there are any parallels to having a wedding and having a baby. Sure, both events involve lots of planning and anticipation- at one point the bride and groom need to set their date (even if they are going to elope) and decide on the venue, but an expectant couple doesn't "have" to find out the sex of their baby prior to it's birth, the element of surprise is one that they can choose to experience or take advantage of the latest technology and find out around the twenty week ultrasound. We are opting for the latter although I give a huge kudos to those who actually wait until their baby is born.
Eversince I found out I was preggers, aside from watching my tummy expand (and missing sushi), I've been day dreaming about whether I'll have a boy or girl. I know what it's like to have a girl, my lil' girl is all grown up, she's fourteen now and about to enter high school! A lil' boy would be a nice change, but a baby in our lives nonetheless is a blessing and would be new to all of us; we would be happy either way. We can only hope for a healthy baby!

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On one of my MANY google searches, I came across various old wives tales and different cultural insights on gender prediction. God is the only one who knows what's in my womb and we will find out shortly. Currently I am 15 and a half weeks pregnant and we are very interested in finding out what the gender of our baby is during our upcoming ultrasound (gender determination is recommended sometime between 16 to 20 wks), so we can better prepare for the baby's needs rather than end up with a bunch of unisex outfits.

Have you heard about the gender tales are floating out there? I realize these notions are for entertainment purposes, however I thought I'd share some of the following ideas of the ancients. Do any of you admit to trying any of these? I haven't tried any but found it amusing nonetheless.

Native American

The ancient Mayans were ahead of their time, especially with astronomy and math. They developed a gender test which took into account the year of conception, and the mother's age at the time of conception.
It's a baby girl if both numbers are even, or if both are odd. For instance, if you conceived while you were 32 in the year 2008, then you are having a baby girl. Also, if you conceived in 2007 while you were 29, you are having a baby girl.
It's a baby boy if one of the numbers is odd, and the other is even. For instance if you conceived while you were 25 in the year 2008, then you are having a baby boy.

Chinese Lunar Calendar Gender Prediction
Remember to do this in your chinese age


The Gender Ring Test
There are two slightly different gender ring tests that predict your baby's sex. They both involve a ring and either a strand of hair or fine thread.

Thread a strand of hair or piece of string through a ring. Dangle the ring over the pregnant women's belly while she is lying down. If the ring swings in a circular motion it's a girl. If it moves from side to side it's a boy.
It will predict the gender of all the babies that woman has and will have (including miscarriages). It will swing for 10 seconds for each baby, and then switch to the gender of the next baby.



Position in placenta

There are also gender prediction beliefs that involve garlic, whether mom is craving sweet/sour, if mom is carrying like a watermelon or basketball, if mom's hair is thin or thick, baby's heart rate, mom's moodiness and the list of factors goes on and on. Each one of these beliefs should be taken with a grain of salt. I've heard over and over that these old wives tales have been proven wrong.

I can only wonder how much truth is in each of these concepts. I've heard over and over again "every pregnancy is different" and it sure is! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted sweet and salty foods and had horrible nausea throughout all hours of the day. This pregnancy, I want to eat meat all the time and have no nausea whatsoever! Does it mean it could be a boy this time? Only time will tell!

PS- So far i've had atleast 10 people randomly (for lack of a better word, since I don't believe anything is 'random'), come up to me and tell me i'm having a boy. None have said anything about a girl and this is without me asking or sharing much info with them. Pretty trippy! (Watch me have a girl! ha) We find out in 3 weeks on September 2nd, as long as baby cooperates :) Yippee!!

PPS- YES this is still a wedding planning blog, but I figure I'd let you in on my personal journey as well. Thank you for reading my preggy ramblings.. from wedding inspiration to baby love, I am one busy planner who is a wife and mother first and will definitely keep you posted on the ride!


Ariel Cordero Photo said...

I thought you were having a boy, personally, but I was wrong. We'll see what we're having any day now when our little one comes out and says hello! Did you do any of these tests before your ultrasound. The Chinese one says we're having a boy. We'll see!

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