Monday, July 5, 2010

Every now and then we receive an invitation that graciously says "no kids allowed, adult reception only." More and more couples are choosing this option to either cut down on costs or avoid dealing with a bunch of kids running around while the adults are trying to enjoy an open bar. Although it can be convenient for the bride and groom, it can go one of two ways for the parents- either enjoy a night off or stress on finding a baby sitter.

I'm fond of weddings that include children because children bring their own unique joy to an environment and weddings are about family and seeing the generations come together.

I loved my friends Kelly & Kendall's idea of throwing a picnic the day before the wedding. They decided on an "adult reception only", however this pre-wedding get together gave them an opportunity to mingle with their guests and host a family friendly space where children are welcome.

If you're contemplating on having kids attend your wedding, here are a few thoughts to consider:

-Kids eat less than adults (generally and especially younger aged children). This worked out well for us when we planned our buffet style dinner.

-When inviting children to your wedding, your goal is to provide high entertainment with low supervision. Kids don't have to be running around. You can designate a "Kids Corner" to keep them entertained. Depending on the age range of the kids, you can set up a special table filled with gift bags, snacks or activities such as: coloring books, watercolor, play-doh, card games, cookie decorating or set aside a room where they can watch a dvd and relax.

Photo credit: Richard May Photography, Elizabeth Anne Designs


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