11 Ways to Have an Eco {Chic} Wedding

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1. Invitations: Your wedding announcement or invitation can set the tone for your environmentally friendly wedding. There are tons of pre-made or DIY options for 100% recycled, partially recycled or completely tree free papers from wedding invitation suppliers.

2. Time of Day: Daytime allows natural light to cut down on electricity. if you're set on night time, consider using soy candles for a romantic ambiance; they burn cleaner and last longer.

3. Bridal Registry: Add fair-trade items to your registry list or have your guests donate to world changing causes such as saving the rainforest in your name.

4. Wedding Party Attire: What a perfect opportunity to implement "something borrowed." wear something that has been passed down or get your mom's dress re-done. You can also rent, buy used or recycled @ http://www.recycledbride.com/

5. Rings: Look for a jeweler that uses environmentally concious precious metals and conflict free diamonds.

6. Natural Face: Wear organic or mineral make up from brands that say no animal testing.

7. Serveware: Use eco-friendly and natural dinnerware.

8. Local Wedding: Choose a venue that's close to the majority of your guests. Think beyond traditional wedding venues. Look into unique locales such as a nonprofit spaces, botanical gardens, museums, art galleries, or historic buildings that operate with the same degree of concern for the earth that you do. Consider an outdoor setting such as a park, beach, lakeside, or mountaintop to take advantage of natural beauty that requires minimal embellishments by you.
Eco-friendly event venue in Los Angeles http://smogshoppe.com/

9. Transportation: Choose to get around in a vehicle with low emissions, shuttle your guests or encourage them to car pool.

10. Vendors:
Go with locally grown, organic food, vineyards, fair trade flowers.

11. Eco-conscious Honeymoon:
Create the perfect blend of romance and eco-conscious travel. http://www.greatgreentravel.com/

If you had a green wedding, what are some things you did? We'd love to hear your ideas!


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