Love Never Goes Out of Style!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I love to see couples take the time to express their personal sense of style on their wedding day.

Non-traditional heels for the bride can be a refreshing splash of color and these days grooms aren't left out. Many are choosing to sport sneakers that compliment their personality as well.

A different "something blue" option are temporary tattoos from How cute would that be to rock a tat on your ankle or lower back?

I adore the dyed crinoline/petticoats which from what I gather doesn't seem to be a hard DIY project to take on :)

Parasols are also a nice effect. Imagine a sea of color surrounding you. It makes for a lovely visual affect taking pics with your bridesmaids.

Whatever your style is, this day is YOURS, so own it! You'll enjoy looking through all your pictures and marveling at the personalized details for years to come.



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