Honeymooners: Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Many couples looking to go on their honeymoon pick the place first, then do the research. How about starting from a backwards perspective? In this economy, every penny counts. Sure, it would be romantic to just spin the globe and go wherever your heart leads you, but let's face it, most of our wallets frankly aren't that deep. I'm not saying anyone should have to feel like settling, but what a thrill it would be to experience an exotic country we normally wouldn't have considered. There are some fabulous destinations waiting to be discovered if only we took the time to read about them. Many places have a bad rep because of what we hear from the media, when these occurences can happen almost anywhere. There are good and bad parts in towns across the globe. Research where the good parts are and you can still have a funtastic vacay while going where the dollar is strong. Have you compared the value of the US dollar to the currency in other countries lately?

A handy site to use: http://www.x-rates.com/

MSN wrote an article called "8 Exotic and Cheap Vacations"
Here are the countries listed:
Hondouras' Routan Island

When planning my own honeymoon, I always wondered, is there really a "best time of the week to purchase airline tickets?"
Finding out that time of day really did make a difference prompted me to do my own research. Although there are some people saying the following isn’t completely accurate, it is commonly believed that the major plane ticket search engines (Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz etc) release their new prices on Wednesdays. When you buy plane tickets online, you can get the best deals on Wednesday from midnight to around 5am of the homebase of the carrier you are travelling with. For example, Delta Airlines is based out of Georgia, which is 3 hours ahead of California. So I would go online to purchase tickets from 9pm to 2am pst. Hey, it wouldn't hurt to test this theory. We did it and saved nearly $400 for our trip to Spain. I know there are other variables that someone else could better explain, so I encourage you to look more into it since there is tons of great advice out there.

A passport or plane, however, isn't necessary to have a good time. Californians are blessed to be in a state of this much sunshine! Another option would be to drive up or down the California Coast. There are beautiful coastal towns to take in and enjoy. How about staying at a Bed & Breakfast in San Francisco, Napa Valley, Santa Barbara or San Diego?

..I know, so many choices, so little time! Whatever floats your boat, wishing you happy 'moon planning!


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