But I don't even like cake.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I am blessed to have a husband that is very supportive of my heart for all-things-weddings and likes to read my posts to give me his two cents (thank you honey). He asked me yesterday, "Did you tell them about the cake?" This one was suggested by him :)

The title of this post is inspired by my daughter. She likes sweets, but something about cake or cupcakes just doesn't appeal to her (I know) until she tasted the following...

I dreamed of having an incredibly delectible chocolate cake for our wedding. And it had to be from a certain bakery that specialized in this mouth-watering delight. When I called to ask about cake tasting, I was baffled by the price. It was $5 per slice and $6.75 per slice if I wanted fresh flowers. WHAT?!?!?!?!?? If this was a song, you'd hear the pause button quickly end my joyous optimism. I had to ask the sales rep to repeat himself to make sure I heard him right, as I tried to quietly contain my shock. I knew this cake was good, but it wasn't that good!

I started calling other bakeries and found out the range of a decent cake (not high end/not low end, reputable bakery) was indeed around $3-5/slice. What's with this per slice thing? I know I don't order cakes much but I just had no idea. I was still under the assumption that one could order a sheet cake; it seemed simple enough to me. I couldn't bear the thought of horrible cake at my own wedding. There had to be a tasty yet cost effective way.

Pondering this predicament and continuing to call pastry referrals and not getting an affordable solution, I remembered this cake that my cousin introduced me to on a previous trip to Arizona. At her local supermarket, Kroeger's, they sell slices of "Tuxedo Truffle" cake. OMG it's a slice of heaven in your mouth. (My daughter even agreed). Layers of decadent chocolate; I can hardly begin to describe how good it is, you'll just have to take my word for it. I called them to see if they could possibly ship it or perhaps our groomsmen who lived out there could drive up with it. The baker was amazed that I liked it so much and asked me where I lived. After I told her "Southern California," she said "oh, you can order this cake at the Ralph's Chain there." (This is where the song would suddenly pause again). "Really!?!? I said?" She confirmed, we hung up and I drove straight to Ralph's. I was so happy to see the cake through the glass window I took a picture of it and texted it to my cousin. You might be thinking "grocery store cake?" Yes my friend, but this is no ordinary grocery store cake. It's definitely something you've got to taste to believe.

This cake was sold in eighth, quarter and half sheets. I could serve approximately 40 people per half sheet AND not everyone eats cake. So for our 300 guests, I ordered enough for 180 people- 4.5 half sheet cakes and then a quarter sheet for our cake cutting photos. (The cake was to be taken to the back to be cut by our caterer and our personal cake would be decorated with frosting and placed atop a gorgeous cake stand surrounded by fresh flowers by our florist). At the end of the night people were coming back for seconds and we still had some left over! All this cost a whopping $280 whereas with the other options, at $5/slice it would be $1500 and $3/slice would be $900.

I know the general saying is "you get what you pay for," but in this case, the quality is outstanding and the price of this confection was truly icing on the cake!


CMags said...

As someone who makes wedding cakes (and loves to do so!), I find it appalling that some 'professionals' charge 'per slice'. That's ludicrous! You need to know the number of guests obviously, but - I charge based on the number of layers, the design requirements, the type of cake/filling...NOT 'per slice'. The most expensive cake I have made was one that cost approximately$800 - and that was one for my son's wedding - and I paid for it! I have done cakes for almost a dozen weddings now....from design, to baking, decorating, delivery and setup. The average charge for all of these is approximately $450. $1500 for an 'average' size cake is unbelievable!

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