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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I knew what I had in mind and as simple as it seemed, the more dresses I saw online, the more I got confused. I liked a little bit of this, the back of that, but not the beading on that dress. I soon decided I would get my wedding gown custom made. It seemed like the perfect idea to have creative control. However that notion didn't last too long because I eventually freaked myself out by thinking "what if it doesn't come out right?" I pictured myself walking down the aisle looking and feeling less than beautiful, with a frown on my soon-to-be-husband's face. Oh heck no. That was not happening to me! The online search continued and I found a dress I liked.


Then I started looking at more dresses (bad move). I fell in love w/ other styles....


Could I wear 2 dresses- one for the ceremony, one for the reception? that would be wonderful!
However, we didn't have the budget for that :( One evening I was at my then fiance's basketball game and saw one of our friend's wives there. She asked "have you found your dress?" I said "yeah..."
I showed her the pic on my phone. She agreed, it was pretty. Then she asked "did you try it on?" "No" I said, "I haven't tried any dresses on." She was shocked. "What!? That's the beauty of being a bride, the only time in your life when you can feel like a princess and try on six thousand dollar dresses and admire how great you look in them even if you can't buy them." Then it dawned on me. She was right. How could I pass this opportunity up? I made a few appointments that weekend for local bridal salons. At the 1st salon, I tried on 7 different dresses, all varying in style, from foo foo, to boring, to blinged out. I felt kinda wierd trying on things that were way out of my range and personal taste (they didn't have to know that), but like my friend said, it was for the experience. Of course the one that melted my heart was the $4000 one.


I went to 2 more boutiques. My daughter accompanied me and by that time she was over it. I was however able to narrow it down to a certain designer- Pronovias out of Barcelona, Spain. (What a coincidence, that's where we decided to go on our honeymoon ;) I didn't find my dress that day but I did find out 1 important thing- the original dress I had in mind did not flatter me like I thought it would. As somewhat simple of a style as I thought I would like, made me feel like I was going to prom; I didn't feel like I was a bride.. and I very much wanted to feel like a bride! After sifting through all of Pronovias' collections, I found a dress I liked. I googled images on real women wearing the dress and liked it even more. I could definitely see myself in that dress, I just hoped it actually looked good on me.


I found out the dress new was $1400. Still out of my price range but maybe I could rent it? I called around to see if anyone had any samples I could try on in my size. I found a boutique, scheduled an appointment and my (reluctant) daughter went with me again. As soon as I put on the dress I smiled. It fit like a glove! My daughter's face lit up too, she said "Mom, I am not letting you leave this place until you buy that dress!" I laughed and said "Are you sure?" In the back of my mind I kept thinking "of all the dresses in the world, is this really the one!?" It was flattering, my exact size AND it was $750- score!!!
After this find, I told myself I would stop looking at other dresses.. but even after being married, I still drive by wedding boutiques and wonder how I'd look in that dress :)

Photobucket the way, he LOVED it!!

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Paris-Insider said...

This is a great story. I love your photo, by the way. I made the mistake of not going and trying on any dresses. Fortunately, my on-line dress purchase flattered me quite well, but I missed out on the experience of trying on expensive dresses for fun. If I had it to do over, I'd have gone dress shopping with my bridesmaids. Thanks for sharing!

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